Little Bridge ECD

Jump into a bright future
For some kids, early childhood education is their first chance at a possible good future. For the children of Prince Albert, it’s their only chance
Give them that chance
Give them Little Bridge

About Us

Little Bridge ECD was born of necessity: the enormous need for Early Childhood Development – an essential foundation for impoverished, previously disadvantaged 2-6 yr old children. Without ECD our children would roam the streets with no notion of the world beyond their environment and would begin their obligatory schooling in Grade 1 with a huge backlog.

Our Mission

  • To provide an excellent holistic early childhood education ensuring the growth and preparation for 2-6-year-old children, entering primary school with confidence and eagerness
  • Ensuring that the level, dedication, and motivation of the teachers remain outstanding
  • No children are to be discriminated against

Our Vision

  • Our aim is to continually offer the children an outstanding foundation, ensuring that learning is “fun” while working daily on life skills and stimulating the imagination and frame of reference
  • Educating in small classes and having a team of qualified, dedicated, and passionate teachers, Little Bridge aims to gain the support and trust of the parents by involving them in school activities
  • To expand to offer more children the chance for an excellent, well-rounded foundation
  • Continuing with educating the parents to understand that education is not only essential but will ensure that their children will have a chance to create a brighter future for themselves: the ultimate jump from the bridge

Our Values

Care & Equality